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What's Trending in Erotic Massage?

If you don’t follow us on twitter, then you are definitely missing out on our frequent erotic massage surveys. Our surveys are posted to learn more about hobbyists/clients, get feedback, and see what guys/girls have done and not done. Here are a few of the recent surveys with some comments about each type of sessions. Read on to see what sessions may be coming soon to All American Body Rub.

What's your favorite type of erotic massage session?

Erotic Massage NYC
Erotic Massage Survey

We all love a basic erotic massage with a pleasurable ending. However, sometimes we want to add variety and try new things. As you can see from the survey results above, Nuru Massage is the most popular session with clients. If you have not tried a Nuru Massage, we definitely recommend it. All the models at AABR are trained on how to give a Nuru Massage session. Also, expect the models to use the authentic Nuru Gel and Nuru Massage Mattress.

Have you ever had a four hand massage?

Four Hand Massage NYC
Four Hand Massage Survey

How often have you thought about having two girls at once? We all have, and as you can see from the survey, many clients want to try a Four Hand Massage. So if you have not tried it yet, then it's time to move past fantasy and engage in the real experience today.

Have you ever had a Prostate Massage?

Prostate Massage NYC
Prostate Massage Survey

Another great alternative to a body rub is a prostate massage. If you are not experienced with anal play, then you are missing out. At first you are a little grossed out; but the pleasure begins to grow on you. If you would like to learn more about a prostate massage, check out our blog.

Would you try a Milking Table session?

Milking Table
Model under a milking table

Milking Table NYC
Milking Table Survey

All American Body Rub is considering adding a milking table session. The session takes place on a specially made massage table. The table is built with a hole big enough to put your genitals through it. The milking table session involves costumes, role play, and a surprise finish. For more info on a milking table session, keep posted for our next blog.

Would you try a Sukebe Chair session?

Sukebe Chair
What does a Sukebe Chair look like?

Sukebe Chair NYC
Sukebe Chair Survey

Sukebe chair sessions are similar to a table shower at a spa except the model washes you while sitting in an up right position on the sukebe chair. It is the perfect cleansing to have prior to a nuru massage or prostate massage. During the session, the nude model washes you up and down with soap and then rinses you off. It is very sexual, sensual, and feels amazing. Make sure to tell the model your preferences on water temperature and pressure. To learn more about Sukebe Chair, check out our other blog.

Intrigued by some of the sessions mentioned? Which session would you most likely try first? Then, leave a comment below or send us an email if any of the newer sessions sound intriguing.

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