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What is a Prostate Massage?

The P word! Prostate massage...Or why it feels so good when you put it there...Or why you MUST at least try it!

Did you know that 2014 and 2015 were declared years of the ass? It is true! The ass is popular and now in 2021 we are getting even more knowledgeable and open about why butt's aren't so taboo anymore.

Prostate! To some guys that word is enough to instill a look of fear and others a devilish all knowing smile.

Where is the Prostate?

Prostate is the male G Spot. The Prostate gland is frequently referred to as “the second heart of man.”

Guys, did you know that you have a tiny little knob that lives just inside of your butt that when gently pressed is going to drive you bleeping nuts with a kind of ecstasy that you have never experienced before? From a medical perspective...This is your prostate gland...and it does a lot of great stuff...

What does it look like?

It is a walnut-sized gland. From a simple rub map how to get there perspective... situated just below the bladder between the root of the penis and the anus.

What does it do?

The role of the prostate is to make seminal fluid, which is mixed with sperm to make semen. Only men have a prostate.

Where is the prostate located?


History of the Prostate Massage

It has been performed for thousands of years in many world cultures, particularly in the Orient. The original purpose of the prostate massage was to turn the man into an incredible lover. Every King Sultan with a harem often had a monk or a private doctor to perform the prostate massage to keep him in perfect sexual condition.

The 3 stereotypes of a prostate massage...Shot DOWN!

1. "It is going to HURT!" No, it definitely should NOT hurt. With a skilled hand from the prostate massagers at All American Body Rub, prostate massage therapy will bring you a pleasurable orgasmic sensation unlike anything you have experienced. All of our expert prostate massage therapists respect your limits and listen well to your wants and desires. Your PLEASURE is our PRIORITY.

2." It is going to be messy!" No, it should not be messy. One must start with a freshly showered, clean body.

3. "I'm straight, straight men don't like that, it will make me gay". Um, yes straight men DO like it...and NO, it will not "make you gay". In fact, 71 percent of straight men in a relationship have tried or at least admitted they’d like to try a prostate massage

Benefits of Prostate Massage

So...Once you get over the fears and the stereotypes...Let's talk about the benefits of Prostate massage or "prostate massage milking"

The first benefit is to improve prostate health and to reduce its problems This is important to remember because there is no harmful side effects to prostate milking, if you know the correct ways and techniques prior to starting.

At the point when the prostate organ is in a perfect shape, it sends a sound message to the pituitary. In its turn the pituitary organ sends messages to different organs, for example, adrenal, thyroid and so on to help men to be better men. Accordingly, men have a lot of sexual vitality and stamina.

Contamination, irritation, and prostate blockage obstruct the entries and gather liquids inside these little sacks. These liquids are a simple focus for some organisms, infections and yeasts that cause aggravation prostatitis. Gathered poisonous liquids develop the prostate; disturb the anxious branches. At the point when the prostate is loaded with congested liquids, the testosterone levels go down; men become distinctly frail, begin maturing faster and put on weight.

Restorative prostate massage drains out the congested liquid (similarly that a wipe is discharged when it is pressed), opens sections, contracts and purifies the prostate organ.

There is a justifiable reason motivation behind why the Prostate organ is called "The seat of manliness" or "Heart of the sexual organs" for. Healthy prostate is identified with elevated amounts of testosterone (high drive, better erection). To get solid climaxes, the prostate needs open entries.

For more info on the benefits, read this article.

The prostate is one of the principle players in man's well-being

Prostate cancer is the second-most common cancer for American men; about one in seven guys will be diagnosed with the disease, and about one in 39 men will die of it. One in 39 sounds like a lot, but the survival rates are very high. Studies have shown that men who ejaculate more often could have a lower risk of developing the disease.

A lot of men who we've talked to [in our research] have said that, when they experienced prostate massage for the first time, it felt like the beginning of an orgasm...But for 20 minutes or MORE!!! Imagine that? Waves of intense pleasure.

You can also stimulate the prostate indirectly by massaging, with some light pressure, the perineum, the body part between the testicles and anus also known grossly as the "taint." Many people are aware of this technique as a good thing to do, sex-wise, though fewer are aware that what is being massaged is the prostate. During a prostate massage we use a combination of these techniques. If it is your first time, let your prostate massage therapist know. We want you to have the most amazing experience.

Prostate massage New York

Our clients tell us that prostate massage:

Improved the effectiveness of antibiotics against prostatitis

Supported their healthy prostate functioning

Heightened their sexual experience

Reduced the pain and discomfort of an inflamed prostate.

Reduced pain, improved erection, and eased urination issues.

How to prepare for a prostate massage:

Before your prostate massage appointment, please clean up so that your erotic massage model can go straight to work. The more prepared you are, the less funky stuff she has to deal with ;). So, in order to be fully prepared, do the following. If you have not pooped in a while, then it is best to Enema so that you clean your bowel movement. If you have never done an enema, it feels really good and cleans out your whole rectum. If you have pooped and are limited on time, then just use a moist wipe and clean the anal area. After you clean that area. No matter if you enema or just wipe, it is best to take a shower afterward and make sure to soap, rinse, and clean .

If you want to add prostate massage to your session, please just let us know. As with all of our additional services, prostate is highly specialized and we only allow our most skilled body rub models to provide this service. Also, all models use prosthetic gloves when performing a prostate massage. So, be sure to ask who provides it.

Prostate Massage Survey

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