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How To Give an Erotic Massage

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Training for Erotic Massage Jobs

The key to giving a great erotic massage is to have a standard approach while tailoring the session to the clients needs (or your partner's needs). Given that not every client is the same, here are some basic tips and tricks to get you started.

Part I: Initial Dialogue – Set Limits

First, the initial greeting with your client will predict the kind of energy in the room. Are they shy? Eager? Respectful? A shy client may not always know what to ask of you so be sure to make them feel comfortable and be open with communication. When my client arrives, I greet them with a warm demeanor. Before the client lays down on the massage table I will offer them a towel in case they would like to shower/freshen up before or after our session begins. I will also ask if they have a music preference for background music. This muffles out any other sounds around us. Common noises are street noise or other girls in the apartment.

Part II: Client Lies on stomach

After my client is relaxed and fully undressed, I’ll have them lie on their stomach and offer them oil or lotion. With the lights dim low and the music playing our session can now begin. Personally, I often give my clients a deep tissue massage and work on loosening any knots or tension in their body. If the session is only thirty minutes I will massage their neck and back for about fifteen to twenty minutes and then use the remaining time for a sensual release. If my client has booked an hour erotic massage session, then I will take my time massaging their entire body from head to toe for about forty-five minutes before I have them turn over. I always leave about 15 minutes for the sensual release.

Key Session Focus

The key focus is to sensually tease and seduce the client. For instance, while massaging him/her consider gently brushing your breasts against their body or face. This light skin to skin contact play will break the ice and drive your client wild. Another tip for teasing is to massage between their legs and gently caress and stroke them, but not for too long because you want to leave them trembling with desire and anticipation (for the flip). During your session you may also consider lightly tugging their hair or whispering in the client’s ear and asking them questions such as: do you like that? The art of seduction is both a physical and psychological teasing game. Verbal communication will help drive your client wild and on edge. You can say things like: tell me how much you love it when I touch you, how badly do you want me? Does that turn you on?

Part III: Client Lies on Back (The Flip)

When it’s time to turn your client over on their back continue playing with other parts of their body. You can stroke you fingers on their chest, play and tease their nipples, and stroke them between their legs. Many clients will ask if it’s okay to touch you lightly (breast and ass play). If a client crosses your boundaries on touching, be polite when telling them no, so that you can prevent ruining that good energy you have going during the session. You can use words like: sorry I’m not comfortable with that or please do not touch me there. Of course, if I client does not listen you may tell them that their massage time is up and that you would like for them to leave. Overall an erotic massage is to be sensual. To seduce and tease. By following these tips, you can guarantee that your session will go smoothly and may potentially result in regular clientele.

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