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How to Make Your Massage Girl Love You

Erotic Massage Etiquette

In the sex industry there are three basic categories every client should remember and be mindful of before any session begins. The basics are: etiquette, consent, and hygiene. What is proper etiquette? In order to make your massage girl love you and look forward to seeing; you must be respectful and polite throughout the session.

1. Etiquette

Massage girls spend their time making your sensual erotic fantasies come true for your enjoyment. Proper etiquette will assist in making the session enjoyable for both parties. This kind of clientele etiquette includes being polite and taking care of the tribute / session rate, before you both begin to assure her that you won’t cheat her out of her work. Other important etiquette things include showing up to your appointment on time (not too early or late) and not over staying on the time of your appointment. Body rub girls never want to confront clients about time because it makes things uncomfortable; but sometimes they must because the agency could fine them. If you want to learn more about etiquette, click here to read a blog on our other site.

2. Consent

Consent is a must. Massage girls love when a client asks before touching rather than grabbing at her. Consent will make your massage girl feel respected and valued, thus making the session more pleasant and comfortable for her. Unfortunately, there are some clients who may mix up the term sex work with the interpretation that they can get treat their massage girl like a blow-up doll or that every girl offers sex. Not every sex worker is comfortable offering extra services, but by asking consent it shows that you respect her for being her, for being more than your body rub girl.

3. Hygiene

Lastly, hygiene, which is self-explanatory. Your massage girl will be using her hands to caress and touch you all over. Good hygiene is considerate. In the end, no massage girl wants to deal with unpleasant odors or bathroom residue in certain areas. Bad hygiene may even cost you future sessions with her or other massage girls. If you take care of yourself, you are also taking care of her.

By following these three basic categories, you can bet that your erotic massage model will enjoy your time together and be the client that she would love to see again.

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