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7 Tips to tell if an escort uses fake pics

We all hate being tricked by escorts with fake pictures. It is the worst feeling in the world to walk into an appointment and realize that the provider is not the girl in the picture. Worst of all, we risk losing our hard-earned money. Furthermore, if you follow my tips/rules, and do some additional research, you will get better at judging the authenticity of pictures.


1. Providers who reveal their face in a picture tend to be fake

I tend to be skeptical if a provider shows a face picture. Why would they want to reveal their identity to the public? Most providers keep this part of their life private. In addition, it is not in their best interest to do so, they open themselves to people stealing their pictures and blackmail.

There are a few exceptions to the rule. One of them is foreign girls tend not to care because the people in their life are far away. Another is if a girl’s biggest asset is her, she may leave her face in the pictures.

2. Providers who reveal their face but have average looks tend to be real.

If the picture shows her face and she has average looks, those tend to be real. Providers are only going to use GOOD fake pics.

3. Spa’s / Asian places rarely use real pictures

It is very common for Spa’s/Asian places to use fake pictures in their ads. When you go to a Spa, most of the time it is for the atmosphere, surprise experience, and the table shower. There is an exception to this with places that are very established; like Sally’s Spa (I had a good experience at). If the Spa is what your looking for then check out Rub Maps and look for more established Spa’s.

4. Classified sites are more likely to have fake pictures

Sites like The Erotic Review (TER), EROS, Tryst, and P411, are legit sites. Legit sites tend to have more serious providers that realize fake pictures are not the right way to get repeat clients. These sites also verify the pictures now, look for the word "verified" or a blue logo.

5. If she looks to good to be true, then she is

If she is hot and the rates are $400 or higher than that is likely her in the picture. If the rates are closer to everyone’s rates ($300) than it is probably too good to be true. You get what you pay for and there is rarely a free lunch in this game.

6. If her pictures look on par with the rates than they are probably real

The average provider charges between $150 to $300. So, the pictures should be aligned with the rates. Providers rarely under charge, so be careful, it may be to good to be true.

Other encouraging factors are if there is a watermark or text on the picture, than it is likely real

Ways to research if the pictures are fake

1. Go on TER and read the reviews

If you go on TER, the profile mentions whether the pictures are fake. If you go a step further, and read the reviews, then you will learn if the pictures are an accurate representation of what the model looks like. A lot of times, models will use old pictures, so reading her reviews is a good way to figure that out. Make sure to read more than one review as clients have different tastes.

2. Do a google search of the image: right click the image and click “search google for image”

If you are skeptical of the pictures, do a google search to see if the provider stole the pictures from someone else. This will help determine if the girl in the picture is a model, porn star, or just some other random girl.

3. Contact the provider

If you call or text a provider and act serious; sometimes you can get them to send real pictures. You must be polite and do not come off skeptical even if you are. Try asking, “Do you have any additional pictures?” or “Do you have a website or a different picture from the ad?

At AABR, we only use real pictures. It does not matter how great a model is, if she is not willing to use real pictures, then we will not hire her. We are committed to providing transparency to our clients and the industry.

Please keep in mind, that real pictures do not mean showing your face; most of the time we blur the face and tattoos of our body rub models so that we protect their identity.

Real pictures = Repeat clients. Our reputation proceeds itself, read our reviews to learn more about what you can expect from a session at AABR.

Fake picture samples

Real picture samples

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