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What are the best sources to find Escorts/Body Rub Models?

Body rub model nyc
Best sources for finding escorts/body rub models

Following the passing of FOSTA/SESTA, it has left many changes to the industry that have impacted the way independents and agencies advertise. The big loss was Backpage. Though we stopped using it because most girls on there are just hustlers; it was still fun to browse and get a sense of new escorts/body rub girls on the scene. This blog entry will help you find new sources (broken down by source quality) to find providers that meet your standards.

The Erotic Review (TER) is now back and working again. This is great for hobbyists as they can now get high quality reviews on girls from different agencies before making an appointment. For AABR's reviews, check out our review page.

The first list I made are what I consider high-quality sources. High quality in that you can find nice girls that give good service and use real pictures. Most of these models are serious enough to pay up front fees, take professional pictures, and age verify. When I say serious, I mean they are looking to get repeat clients and that’s the kind of providers you want to see. These sources range from high price (Eros) to mid-price escorts (Slixa), but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Tryst is also a pretty good option, and is very similar to Slixa. Preferred 411 is also a trusted site and I added Foxy Lists because all the girls on there have been reviewed by TER and or are at a reputable New York City escort agency.

High-Quality Sources:

The second list I made was made of mid-quality sources. I consider them mid-quality because not all the reviews and pictures of the girls are accurate. However, if they have many reviews, it would make sense to read a few of them and make a judgement based on that. These review sites are not as accurate, detailed, and moderated like TER, but they are the only review sites currently active.

This update removes Switter as the platform was shut down.

Mid-Quality Source:

The last list of sources I made are the ones I am less likely to use (like Backpage). Expect most of the girls on here to have fake pictures. These sites are pretty much Backpage reincarnated. You can still find nice agencies and providers on here, but it’s not as easy as the other lists I made (high quality and mid quality)

Other Sources (like Backpage):

There are still more sources that remain adult friendly: forums and social media. My favorite to use is Twitter as you can type in different hash tags and learn about new agencies and providers. Also, you can see their latest news and updates or special discounts. Not all providers and agencies are on here. Click here to see our profile.


Social media:

Twitter is my favorite social media site for all things adult related. You can follow all of your favorite: porn stars, porn categories, fetish stars, escorts, and body rub girls. There are also a lot of sex worker advocates that write interesting articles. Try searching specific hash tags to find things that you are interested in.

Do a Search on Google:

Aside from third-party sources, you can also do a google search. If the provider/agency has a website that ranks high for keywords, that is usually a good sign that they are legit. Keywords that you could try include: "Body Rub NYC, Erotic Massage NYC, Escorts NYC, etc." Once you find a website you like, always double check the phone number to make sure they have reviews or are listed on third-party sites. Also, keep in mind that if the photos look too good to be true, they probably are.

Are we missing any third-party websites that you have used and are worthy of being listed?. Then leave a comment below!

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