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Should you book a four-hand massage?

When booking an erotic massage, some people are a bit shy about asking for what they really want. Many guys are excited by the idea of having one beautiful woman give them a massage, but what they really want is a relaxing hour with two or more sexy girls. A four-hand massage (two girls at once) is something that everyone should experience, but if you’re not convinced just from your imagination, then here are some reasons why you should try it.

Why should you try a Four Hand Massage?

  • More hands are better than one! If you think a two-handed massage feels good, then you will love a massage with four hands, six hands or more. When all the parts of your body can get reached at the same time, your massage will be an even more relaxing experience than usual.

  • More options for mutual pleasure. If you get a mutual massage with multiple people it is like a handsy free for all. Imagine the scene, or read our erotic story of a four-hand massage ;). You’re there with two gorgeous women and you all get to help each other feel relaxed and enjoy some time together. It can turn into a giggling massage fest with the right combination of gals.

  • Trios and groups are a common desire. It’s very common for one partner in a relationship to be more enthusiastic about the possibility of playing with more than one person. If your current partner isn’t interested, then you can always experiment with massage sessions that involve groups. It’s not anything weird. In fact, it’s one of the most common desires when it comes to this sort of thing!

  • Invite someone special. A couples massage also invites the possibility of you bringing your partner along so you can enjoy a couples treat. What better way to feel more intimately connected than enjoying some relaxing time together with a beautiful hottie who just wants to make both of you feel good

What questions should you ask before booking?

1. Who do you recommend? 2. Which models have done a four-hand massage before?

3. Which girls have good chemistry?

If still unsure, try one of our 2-for-1 specials or do a shorter four-hand massage (half hour session).

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