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Surprise! It's a Four Hand Massage

Updated: May 24, 2019

Never one to live out a fantasy, James knew his ability to get two women on his own was almost impossible. He was a bit on the nerd side, and he was shy. Even during high school and college, he didn’t date. If the girls only knew his secret he would be the town play boy instead of the town "never get's any play" boy.

At 6 ft. 4, and 190 lbs, he was packing a 10-inch cock in his pants. If women knew what the girls down at the body rub place knew, he might not have such a hard time with the ladies. Erotic massage became the only form of sexual release for him.

Dozing off, James stretched out on the table waiting for the girl to come in. Five minutes prior she told him to undress and get comfortable. The routine was usual for the place.

In a twilight state, he didn’t notice that today was his lucky day. His normal girl was showing another the ropes (2 for 1 special), and asked her to sit in on the session. Even though his eyes remained closed, the sounds of 2 female voices sent shivers up and down his spine. Fantasy meets reality was about to happen.

“James, we have a surprise for you. Both of us are going to help with your body rub today.”

He had received an upscale body rub in NYC before, but today was a treat. Looking back over his shoulder, both girls were attractive. He could never get females like this on his own. Thankfully rub map had turned him onto this place.

Both girls coated their hands with oil, his shoulders were the first skin contact. Slow and methodical strokes over his lubricated flesh. The scent of the oil pleasing his olfactory senses. Keeping his eyes closed, whimpers of approval flowed from his lips. Those small hands moving down his back didn’t stop till they reached the buttocks. A trail of chill trickled down his flesh, forcing his legs to part slightly. Though he couldn’t see it, a well-manicured set of nails caressed his ball sac from behind. He was full. Tugging soft, her thumb rubbed over the overfilled basket of happiness.

“Flip on over when you’re ready for a full-frontal massage.”

When it feels so right, and a nude massage therapist gives permission, you do as your told. Flipping over, there was no hiding that massive erection. Standing hard and proud, he was already leaking from the sight of not one, but two sets of hands on him for this body rub. A soft, small hand took the first stroke his cock while the second girl watched. The moment the base of his shaft became exposed, the next hand covered it. Fucking ecstasy. He was in his first four hands massage (massage threesome).

“This is so much better than the erotic massage videos online”

His confession brought a smile to both the sensual body massage girls. Everyone likes a little praise. Palm to palm, the girls made a tight sleeve for him to fuck. They simulated the sensation of a tight pussy the use of their hands. Slippery and wet, their painted nails traced over the thick muscle. Both forcing dribbles of precum to break the surface. His cock engorged with satisfaction.

Images on the wall of sensual massages. The scent of sweet massage oil in the air, the entire place was an aphrodisiac for the senses. Even their soft whispers had James mind racing with carnal thoughts of pleasure. These women and the movements of their slender digits had his cock on alert. The girls in NYC knew how to bless a man with their skills.

“Do clients ask for a six hand massage?”

One to the other, the lead body rub girl nodded, but not today. This was a four hands massage special. Pumping their hands down on his cock, both whispering seductive enticements to him. His nude massage was turning into a full-blown jack off session. The women not only flirting with him, but with each other.

“Mmm the way you stroke that dick makes me want to lick your fingers!”

“Rub over the slit-like you want to rub my clit. Baby, you know how to work that dick.”

Looking up erotic review websites was the best thing he had ever done. As the heat radiated through his body from both girls stroking his cock, an arch forward led to an explosion of cum. He was spouting off like a volcanic eruption of molten lava. Milking his cock dry, their hands coated with his white, creamy donation of cum. Spent, they both thanked him and allowed him to clean up on his own. Rub Maps didn’t do him wrong. This was the best four hands massage, and by the size of the load, they both deserved a 5-star rating.

Four hands are EXPLOSIVE!

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