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First Fetish Party Experience

What a better way to experience a holiday weekend than with a party. Not just any party though. This would be a get your freak on kind of experience (or erotic massage 😉). A fetish party for all those first timers out there. Usually, women are the ones to have the events that sell all those things they are too afraid to buy in the store, but the tables were turned. This is a get together for Men who feel they will be judged on what they buy. Little do they know, we all have a little freak inside of us. Let the beast out to play.

“Welcome to the party. Have you ever attended one before?”

The girls face lit up like a Christmas tree when he shook his head no. A party virgin was the best kind of guest. They spend a lot of money too. A good guilt tripping can cause them to break free with the cash.

Tables were placed around the room with products for the deviant and the kinky. All of them things you can buy in the normal sex store. Oils perfect for a nude massage, to items perfect for to first-time prostate milking or pegging. This place was a Den of sin, and that wasn’t even the half of it. Hosted at an upscale body rub establishment, the girls all knew how to convince the Men what they would need. They knew most of them at an in-depth level, so no perversion was sacred.

Holding up some lotion, the girl explained the uses of it. “This right here is good for nude massages. It smells like vanilla cake, and it is perfectly safe for a deep cavity massage. Those of you who like your prostate massaged, I recommend this one for you. Plus, it tastes just like it smells. No excuse for your woman to not eat the ass when you use this.”

Sites like Rub Maps or TER can lead you to some of the hottest girls on the planet. Remember this, you might be scared to whisper your desires to your mate, but those girls love basking in the dirty little secrets.

Using a finger to call forward the party virgin, the beautiful nude girl who ran the show asked him to be a test subject for a new product. Something to stimulate the entire body. A sex toy for males. One that would enter his asshole and bring him to orgasmic bliss. He refused, but when she stopped and rubbed her naked body on him, all common sense went out the window. In the past, he had a naked body massage, but this was intense. He was clothed, she wasn’t. There is something incredibly sensual about an undressed female rubbing her body on yours. Clothed or non-clothed, he was excited.

Dick throbbing, he was willing to let this woman use him for this fetish experience. Unbuckling his pants, dropping them to rest on his knees, he stood there long and proud. A few times his hand even stroked his cock, bringing his sac to a tightened state. At that moment, he might have done anything to please this woman. She was a Goddess in front of him.

“Bend over the table. Let me show you just how good letting go can be.”

A simple act, right? Well, he had never taken the offer of the deep prostate massage in the past, but today, he wouldn’t refuse. His head on a soft pillow, she lubricated his anal opening with the tips of her fingers. Nails long and red, they rubbed the slick lube on the little backdoor entrance. For a man who was scared, his moan let her know to continue. He was reaching a pleasure state, and she had not yet penetrated him. Maybe a fetish part wouldn’t be so bad after all.

The female masseuse placed the vibrating egg on his anal opening, pushing slowly till she had most of it inside of him. For a man who was hesitant, he soon found that the stimulation of the small gland was the most intense pleasure. Nothing could compare to the sensual manipulation of his ass.

“Oh fuck, this can’t be happening to me!”

Without warning, he exploded on the sheet. Shooting out rope after rope of thick ejaculation fluid. Right there in the middle of his first fetish party, he found his kink. His eyes opened, and he knew there would always be a little addition to his normal NURU massage when he visited NYC.

Rub maps was right about this place. You always leave with a smile on your face, and an empty feeling in your balls. Next time he wouldn’t be the party virgin, but never would he forget the time that he was. Make sure to explore your inner fears before they explore you.

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