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What is a Tie and Tease Session?

Have you tried a Tie and Tease Session? All American Body Rub is known for this service and all of its fetish sessions! It is an additional $80 to the rates.

What is a tie and tease session?

Tie and tease massage is a BDSM/Fetish session which incorporates toys such as ropes, bondage, and or various restraint mechanisms. Other toys are available upon request like ball gags, leather whips, leather crops, mask/hood, etc. The session takes place on a professional massage table.

What happens during a tie and tease session?

The body rub model ties up the client to each leg of the massage table while he/she is naked, and restrained in a spread eagle position. Sometimes the model will take it one step further and blind fold the client or put a ball-gag in his/her mouth.

Once the client is bound to the massage table, the model will slowly massage and rub the client all around his/her body without touching his private area. Sometimes she will also tickle with a feather, flog or even do whips/lashes. It just depends whether the client wants a session that is sensual, bdsm, role play, or a combination of the above.

Eventually she will begin to play with him and lightly stroke him with a combination of edging (bringing him to the brink of climax by stopping short and denying him an orgasm).

In tie and tease, the bound client is often stimulated repeatedly and held in a highly-aroused state without orgasm. If the passive (bound) client is permitted to orgasm it may be more intense than usual due to the extended stimulation and resulting build up of tension and arousal. Alternately, the bound client may be completely denied orgasm and left in a state of sexual rejection.

What are the other variations of a tie and tease session?

The beauty of this type of session is the endless possibility of variations and the ability to tailor it to the clients wants/needs. At the beginning of the session, the client should discuss with the massage therapist any limits and or a safe word in case things go beyond the emotional and physical comfort level of the the client. If you want to mix it up and do something kinky and different, tie and tease is a great session to try.

Any special requests can be accommodated when given advance notice. Models have various outfits with them to give the session a more fun and exciting experience.

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