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Robert get's pegged hard

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New to the erotic massage scene, Robert had heard that NYC is infamous for having the best rub and tug places. However, he did not know where to go. Agency or Independent? Spa or Apartment? So many options that it's like reading the menu at the Cheesecake Factory. After selecting 5 different agencies and reading the reviews across: TER, Rub Maps, and Spa Hunters. He decided on one agency that had a mix of massage and fetish.

Some Men, like him, were afraid to indulge themselves in certain fantasies. Most of it stems from society labels and childhood warning. A straight man would never like anything in, or around his anal cavity. Wrong. They are just too afraid to admit to it. Kinky is amazing. Never be frightened.

Arriving at the midtown location of his selected body rub agency, Robert was a little shy but ready. Awestruck the moment he walked in, the girls seemed more like models than massage girls. Rob asked the receptionist if Amber was available. She said "yes, how did you hear about us? and why are you choosing Amber?" He replied, "Uh, I read her reviews on TER and heard she was fetish friendly". She replies in a sexy voice, "that's hot, what fetish do you like baby" His voice was a little cracking, but he knew what he wanted. Robert wanted an erotic ass massage with the addition of a 9-inch strap-on. Robert replied quietly "pegging session", she says "ahh you are a little slut, aren't you?" and winks. Robert replies, "yes, I want you make me your bitch and peg me"

Robert walked down the hall way to meet with Amber. He enters this cozy room and noticed they had strap-ons in every shape, size, and color. He chose the size and got instantly erect the moment he did. A virgin to the massage table, he needed to be reminded to adjust himself before placing his naked male body on the cushioned table. Laying on an erection can be painful.

She was naked, well except for the addition of that sex toy that strapped to her waist. He was about to get his first nude rub down. Gliding her hands up and down his body, the client couldn’t stop moaning. Stopping only when her oil-coated thumb pressed down on his asshole.

Amber tells him, “Relax baby, it only hurts at first” with an evil laugh added to the end

While she massaged, a hand would glide up and down the shaft of the fake cock. She made sure to whisper dirty little phrases. The more she said, the higher his ass went in the air. He was presenting himself to her.

“You want this cock, don’t you? I bet you feel like a slut laying there and waiting for me to use you.”

A gentle rub over his body and he was begging for her to take his ass. Pushing himself up against her seductive strokes, Amber climbed on the bed, posing herself for entrance. A generous amount of lubrication and his ass was pegged. All 9 inches are stretching open his anal canal, massaging down his tight walls.

“Fuck, that feels so big!”

It was big. Robert immediately regretted picking a dildo that size, he wished he got a smaller one. However, being stretched during a deep sensual massage enlightened him to a whole new world of strap-on play, and fetish indulgence. Reaching a hand around for a rub and tug while she rammed his ass with the huge attachable dildo, the nude massage turned into a hardcore deep tissue massage. He was no longer scared, nor quiet. The male client forced his ass back on the woman, giving her the go ahead to pound his asshole with every inch of that jack-hammering fake cock. At one point, he even begged her to take him harder. For an anal virgin, he was in heaven.

“Harder, please, do it harder.”

The beautiful, sensual masseuse, forced deeper, her hand stroking his erect cock, and no sooner had she tugged on his balls did he explode in a heated rush of orgasmic stress relief. Moaning out and the muscle was milked, his anal walls clenched down on the simulated cock and jets of secretions shot all over the bed. His body shook as she controlled the anal massage with slow strokes, gently pulling down on his sac to release all his pent of needs.

“How was the massage? Did you find that pegging to be what you anticipated?”

Relieved and refreshed, Robert laid there in orgasmic bliss. He would become a regular of strap-ons, pegging, and prostate massages. The seductive girl knew this wasn’t the last time he would see Robert. She was sure he would come back by the end of the week, and maybe even pick a bigger one next time.

Until you experienced a New York City sensual massage, you haven’t lived. The chance to step outside your normal life and go into a fantasy world, is what we all need. Happy Hunting!

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