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What is a Nuru Massage?

What is Nuru? What is a Nuru Massage? You might have noticed this as an add on to our already spectacular sessions. You might have thought; how can a session get any better? Believe me, it CAN!

Nuru massage (sometimes referred to as body glide / Nuru slide) originated in Japan. Nuru means "slippery". All American Body Rub is proud to offer this ancient most stimulating form of massage. If you haven't added it to your session, you are missing out on something exciting and unforgettable. It is the most intimate and sensual of massages. It is performed completely in the nude; one partner massages the other with their whole body using a specific type of gel called Nuru gel. It is a body to body massage.

Imagine watching your beautiful model as she prepares her own body drizzling the magical Nuru gel over every inch of her. Watching the gel as it cascades from her areola hugging her hips and curves, making her washboard abs glisten and her thighs sparkle as the gel makes its way to her calves, down her shapely legs, onto her tiny ankles and landing on her beautifully painted toes. Infusing each contour, each curve with warm velvety Nuru gel. Then as she teasingly navigates the Nuru mattress and mounts you easing herself down onto your eager flesh.

At All American Body Rub, our sessions are as much about the mind as the body. Some spas and establishments are so clinical and impersonal...They make you feel like a number, a piece of meat. With All American we value your patronage from the moment you pick up the phone to call us. From the moment that you arrive at our convenient, safe, private, secure, discreet location...You WILL feel like a King or a Queen. For our clients, each session is a full experience of the mind and body. Our models speak fluent English. Born in the USA, intelligent, vibrant., interesting, beautiful women who can speak articulately on many subjects and will delight you with their brains as much as their beauty. Engaging all your senses in an incredible experience.

Nuru is as close as you can get without being one. This is a very special type of erotic tantric massage that will leave you exhilarated, tingling, aroused and then blissfully relaxed.

We use the authentic Nuru Mattress (like the ones in the Nuru massage porn) and only the finest real Nuru gel which contains natural nourishing ingredients that will not only enhance your Nuru experience, giving a true silky glide between the sliding passionate serendipity of your bodies, but will leave your skin luxuriously soft and supple... never greasy. You will feel refreshed and renewed.

Erotic massage stimulates your whole body. Titillating and teasing then pleasing your most sensitive private parts.

Ask which of our models are Nuru experts, unlike our competitors we ONLY allow our most experienced girls to perform this sacred and skilled art form. We want to make sure you have the best Nuru Massage possible. Add a Nuru Massage to your session today, but don't say I didn't warn you.it is addictive!

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