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Erotic Massage Tale: The happy customer

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

The scent of jasmine filled the small room. It was like any other upscale body rub studio in the NYC area, but the women who worked there were a cut above. Each one had been hand-picked for their area of expertise. Some because their beauty overshadowed their skills.

Average in looks, the one part of her that stood out was those eyes. They could steal your soul with one glance. Maybe that would be the reason she was the most popular of them all. That or the fact that her hands were small, soft, and she knew the spots that could make a man drop to his knees and beg for release. That would cum on the whole service menu.

"I'm here to see a girl. I have a 1 o'clock appointment for a body rub”, said the main. She responds smiling “I can fit you in baby, no problem". The tall male stood there with a huge grin. He rolled his shoulders a few times, maybe that was for show, but he wanted the receptionist to think he was in pain. The only pain he had was held back by the teeth of his zipper. He needed the tension in his groin relieved.

Confirming his appointment, the busty brunette that sat in front of the shop as eye candy alerted the girl to her client. "We got a big spender here," snickering; she could tell he would tip well by the size of the bulge in his pants when he walked in.

"You can go to the end of the hall, and it's the last room on the left. She left a sheet for you and asked that you get undressed before she comes in," said the receptionist, her cheeks pulled upwards as the Man made his way down the hall to the massage room. The receptionist was looking at him as he did. She admired his well-defined backside, knowing he would come out a lot less tense.

Candles lit to provide ambiance; the small room was decorated with a bed and a table. A closet would hold back any other equipment the massage therapist needed. In NYC, this body rub studio employs the best girls for all your erotic therapy needs.

Stripped naked, he laid on the table, but not as she would expect. When the masseuse walked in, he was face up and his hard member standing at attention. No beating around the bush with this one. He was there for the other services they provided. After checking the place out on rubmap, he didn't bother with the formalities.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Hancock? I see you've come to the right place," she smirked, her hands now being coated with a liberal about of sensual oils.

"I heard you are the best at giving happy endings in the NYC area?" winking, the male was all about getting off during the session.

"Of course, we are. You get nothing but the best with these girls," her voice trailing off, she began to rub her hands over his chest, fingers tracing his defined abs. She could tell by the way his eyes devoured her that he wanted to see more. A few times his fingers reached out and brushed over her round ass when she moved across his body. Sliding those small fingers down his abdomen, a toss of her hair to the side as she reached for the source of his ache. His engorged member was throbbing, and she loved giving sloppy hand jobs.

"Let me relieve some of this groin tension for you," smiling; her giggle filled the small room as she told him what she was doing.

Saturating him in lubrication, her tiny hand moved to stroke the pulsating muscle. Gripping tight, she simulated the act he desired as his hips pumped up in approval. He was getting one of the services on their secret list.

Groaning, his body arched as he asked for more. Her hands moved over the taut muscles, massaging him in a subtle motion. Fingers tightening, as his sounds set the pace for her deep tissue massage. Slow at first, she gradually allowed her fingers to speed up the seduction of his slick flesh.

Spilling oil on her clothing, she undressed, exposing her full bouncing tits, and silky smooth kitten. Holding the bottle of oil over her head, she covered her body with a gloss of sweet almond. Only then did she climb over him, giving him a body to body massage with the tool of her trade. Her complete body.

Moans filled the space of the small room as her big breasts wrapped around his throbbing joy stick, sending him into a bliss filled tension release. A splatter of sticky cream covered her breast, as a smile covered his face in approval.

"Thanks for the massage. Book me again for Friday. Maybe we can add another girl to the body rub and do a four-hand session."

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