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The session that transformed his life

His name is David, and though that is not the name he wants to use later, he signed in as a Male. Sometimes God plays a little joke on us. He designs us in the wrong gender. Not everyone is brave enough to change that, but thankfully for David, he was. He brought with him a transformation box. One he had been adding to for years, but this was the day it all came about. Even the ending of his relationship. His “life coach” would help him figure out how to make this as easy as possible.

“I’ve always wanted to become a female, but fear stops me. This is my last hope for my dream to come true. Please, I need you.”

His voice cracked a little as he stood there with the frilly pink box in his hand. Like most young girls have a hope chest, this was David’s. A hope that one day he would be the woman he was supposed to be. Playing dress up in his younger years had fed the addiction as well. When other boys were out chasing girls, he was at the mall shopping with them. Whether he is gay or not remains to be seen, but for now, this is about showing the world that sometimes God does make mistakes.

Hand in hand, they walked to the dressing room. It was a stunning. Walls covered in shades of pink, the vanity in the middle of the floor was the focal point. Lights were wrapping around the mirror; it was a sissy’s wet dream. Giddy with excitement, he handed the box over for the body rub girl to go through. A red silk skirt with a rather large slit up the back. A white blouse that wouldn’t reveal cleavage. Nude pantyhose, no stockings. If you need to tuck, you can’t do so in stockings. The last items were a blond wig and a pair of 3-inch heels. He was a tall man, to begin with, so 3 inches would be the highest he could go. This crossdresser would soon be the woman he wanted.

“Sit. The first thing we’re going to do is your make up. Something stunning. Slutty or alluring?”

He wanted to be a little of both. What man doesn’t? Taking out the color pallet, he would wear shades of lavender. That color complimented the outfit he was going to wear. Living in NYC, he needed to make a fashion statement when going out. It is a fashion mecca after all. This erotic massage girl turned life guide knew how to make a client feel like they are the only person in the world.

Red lipstick, the clothing came next. David stood a Man, but that would be the last time. This journey would be an awakening for the Male. Looking in the mirror at the body rub studio, the massage girl helped him disrobe, placing his clothing into the trash. A brown paper bag was in the receptacle for them to dispose of his genetic flaws. White silk panties and bra, the inserts into the cup made him a full C cup. Nothing trashy, but he would have ample breasts for the first time. Tucked into the panties, the view was spectacular. He looked dramatically different.

Pantyhose held back his secret, and the clothing covered his shame. David looked like a female when he viewed himself in the mirror. He had seen himself as one for years though. It was a dream awakening for the male to female transgender.

“Slip the heels on Dalia. Your dream is coming true!”

Dalia was the name they chose together, but it seemed fitting. She was a beautiful flower coming into bud with the addition of a little makeup and self-confidence. As the lady glanced in the mirror feeling like the sexy girl next door, a million thought went through her mind. All her life she preferred the company of females, but she would now take the role of one. That’s when the toy shelf in the corner caught her attention. Should she? If she was now a woman, shouldn’t she feel what it’s like to be treated like one sexually?

“Before we finish, I have a request. I work in an office, and the Boss is always hitting on the girls that work there. Can you show me what it feels like to fuck like one? I’ve often desired an erotic strap-on session, but till now, I was too scared to ask for one. I want you to show me how my life as a female will take me to a higher level, not just the clothing.”

Prostate massage and strap-on play at an upscale body massage place was the finishing touch here. After the pegging session, Dalia left, she dropped the male clothing in the dumpster and embraced her new transition into being a female. All of this with the help of a New York fetish provider. It was an awakening.

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