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Is it okay to get a male erotic massage?

Gay Erotic Massage NYC

Landing a sexual partner is sometimes easier said than done. But being unlucky in love doesn’t mean you need to have unfulfilling orgasms. The erotic massage industry in New York City is booming, with more practitioners entering the field every day. Of course, choosing the right masseuse for you is no easy task. You want someone who is knowledgeable in the craft. You want someone who is confident in what they do. You want someone who will make you feel comfortable. But do you need someone who you’re attracted to? The answer, it seems, depends on who you are, and how strictly you define sex, orientation and attraction.

Statistically, the majority of people pursuing erotic massage are straight men (receiving an erotic massage from a female). At the same time, more men are signing up to stand on the other side of the table. And that brings us to a pretty interesting conundrum. Will the industry be able to convince straight guys to sign up for a same-sex massage?

Traditionalists would say any kind of same-sex activity automatically catapults us into homosexual territory, though the experts aren’t quite as convinced. The majority of sex positive therapists believe orientation has more to do with romantic feelings than it does sexual activity.

With that, there are a few different points to explore when it comes to why straight-identified men might want to pursue homosexual experiences. Some say the way men operate sexually is more suited to quick and casual encounters. Others say it allows them to experience domination in a way sex with a woman can’t deliver. Men also manifest sexual interest in much more obvious ways than women. Maybe some guys find that a refreshing change of pace. And maybe the experience of being with “someone who looks like me” is an experience they’ve been looking to cross off the bucket list.

There’s also something to be said about the knowledge male masseuses can bring to the table and how it may benefit male clients. Men are experts at their own anatomy. Bringing some personal insight surrounding pacing and pressure might help enhance the experience for the client. Masseurs who experiment outside of the traditional standards associated with male sexuality can bring even more to the table. Prostate play is becoming an increasingly popular means by which men can achieve sexual pleasure. Unlike more the traditional means of achieving a male orgasm, this kind of stimulation requires some internal exploration, and that can be intimidating to a novice. Finding an erotic massage model who can guide you based on his/her own experience might be the best way break yourself in.

Unlike partnered sex, erotic massage is a one-sided endeavor. Clients come in to be serviced, without the added pressure of returning the favor. If a sensory experience is all you’re after, then does it really matter whose hands are administering the massage? Is it possible that that limited participation makes a gay massage any less gay for the individuals involved? Does it even really matter?

Today, conversations concerning sexuality operate outside of the straight vs. gay binary. Orientation has become a more fluid term, and many believe that sexuality actually exists on a spectrum. Sometimes, we find ourselves attracted to those who get us off, and sometimes we don’t. The only way to really figure it out is to go forth and get down, maybe even book a session.

Further, All American Body Rub (AABR) offers an erotic massage in New York City where you can explore some of the points mentioned above. You can test your sexual boundaries with a body rub girl by booking a pegging session, prostate massage, or even just role play. If you want to go a step further, there are plenty of Male Spa’s in New York City (Check Rub Maps) and or we can sometimes accommodate a male masseuse upon special request 😉.

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