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Who are the top fetish stars?

What is a fetish? That can be defined depending on the genre, but for this, we are talking sex. According to Webster, it is a fixation on a non-living, or non-genital object or body part. It seems like everyone these days has some sort of kink that another would find offensive, or disturbing, but who are we to judge? Some have it, some don’t. After extensive research, I’ve found some to the hottest girls that cater to the specific top fetishes.

Most popular fetish stars via I want clips

Ceara Lynch:

An extraordinary Dominatrix, this Goddess will stop at nothing to bring a grown man/ or woman to their knees. This petite brunette desire nothing more than to ruin your life. She will stop at nothing to dig into your deepest fantasies and force you to crawl back for more. JOI, SPH, financial domination, foot fetish, is just a small list of her areas of expertise. A bundle of pain all rolled into one beautiful package. Beware, the addiction will take you quickly.

Kerri King:

528 videos on I want clips, this girl caters to more than meets the eye. She has been known to mind fuck a man so hard that he forgets his own name. Blonde and beautiful, her video collection is vast. Babysitter, JOI, stockings, and so much more. That sultry voice will make it impossible not to stroke to her. She is the fantasy that we all wanted back in high school. Kerri is proof that God only makes the best.

Crystal Knight:

That ass could stop traffic, and she knows it. Crystal has many videos dedicated to the sweet peach shaped rump that she works hard to maintain. A perfect specimen, if you’re into the tan blonde beach girl, this girl will drive you to insanity. 805 clips/movies at, she is one of the hottest girls on the virtual block. If being ignored is your fetish of choice, she has the perfect videos for you. Nothing in the world feels more intense then ceasing to exist in a pretty girl’s life.

Goddess Christina

Financial Domination, slave training, this Goddess lives by the rule that Women are superior, and you will be owned. She is a hot redhead with the soul of Satan. Erotic hypnosis will take you to a level of submission that you never knew existed. Her body is a walking sin, and when you try to plow into this woman, the road blocks all lead to DENY! You don’t fuck a woman like this. She fucks your wallet and your soul. Hold on tight, there’s no turning back now.

Bratty Bunny

Wow. Such a bitch, but you get what you pay for. Goddess Bunny as she likes to be referred as can be found on For a sense draining cam show, beware, she won’t be taking her clothes off. This is true definition of control. Ass crack worship, piggy foot cleaner, and even a tribute pig. You better have a big wallet to get her attention. Girls like this cost more than a cheap date, but she is worth every swipe of that credit card.

Princess Ashley

A true fetish Princess, Ashley is one seductive brunette. When she walks in the room, people take notice. It’s not just the beauty that brings a man down to his knees. It’s her confidence that makes a you beg to stroke for her. She won’t allow that for free. JOI, ass worship, SPH, and erotic hypnosis are a few areas she covers in her clips. You will soon become addicted to this girl. Each stroke takes you deeper into her web of pleasure. Don’t think it will be sugar and spice. With Princess Ashley, nothing is nice.

Goddess Amanda

1058 clips and vids, this woman knows how to please. Don’t take that as though she will be giving you anything other than suffering though. Pretty feet to walk all over you, blonde tresses to worship, and tits an ass to devour your own cum from. Yes, she is a Goddess for a reason. Mature with the mind of a Succubus, Goddess Amanda delivers when it comes to fetish porn. 45 pages of movies to delight all the senses, bring your wallet. You’ll need it unlocked and loaded.

Goddess Jessica

This Femme Fatale is nothing to take lightly. If you enjoy the smoke flowing from a Goddess, you won’t want to miss her. She is light in the videos, but most of them are worth watching. Using the POV camera, she participates in public humiliation, smoking, slave training, and extreme CBT. Come to the hotel of suffering and watch as this real time Mistress takes her slaves to a level of destruction that will frighten even the experienced submissive.

The virtual escape into another place can sedate the need for the moment, but there is nothing like the touch of a real woman. Erotic massage, whether nude, or fully clothed can brings you monumental relief. A happy ending massage can be the relief you’ve been waiting for. Beautiful massage girls are waiting to transition you from the virtual world into the intense pleasure zone. Escape is on the horizon. Don’t delay your flight.

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