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Did you know more women are getting body rubs?

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

Lesbian Massage NYC

Yes! this is true. You may be asking yourself, "Why?, Are women getting more curious?"

The answers to those questions will remain a mystery. However, we can give you some insight into our experience

Over the past year, our business has been getting a number of women booking erotic massage appointments. (Lesbian Massages in NYC). The type of woman that books ranges from the college coed to the older, more mature women. We have even had a few famous people ;). Some of them like strap-on play and others just toys/fingers.They have mixed sexual orientations so not all are only into females.

We were even interviewed about it!

Check out the latest article that interviews yours truly, AABR's manager, Vanessa.

Also, remember, just because your wife or girl friend wants to get a female erotic masssage, does not mean you can't watch; or hear all the dirty details ;) After all, who wouldn't love to see live girl on girl action.

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