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Erotic Story: Foot Fetish Session

The appointment log mentioned a foot fetish. Usually, that meant she would be showing off her seductive little tootsies. Today was different though. She would be teaching the client how to please a girl with a foot rub, and please himself by catering to his kink.

Walking into the room a little apprehensive to divulge information. He didn't realize that this was a very common fetish. She would set him straight about that one. It was nothing to feel shame about, or even to hide. He said his name was Tom, and he was 35 years old. It would be the first time he shared this openly with anyone. Judgment being a big thing, he knew he wouldn't receive that here. It was a safe place.

"Have a seat Tom. I brought some things in that would help you when you do this at home.”

Before he had arrived, she took her shoes off, applied lotion to her feet, and made sure the polish was pristine. Pink in color, there were small flowers on each toe. He seemed to be entranced with that the moment he walked in the room. Being pad foot helped his fantasy. He had told the girl when making the appointment that he was big into foot fetish porn, and even gave her a link to his foot fetish tumblr.

Pedophilia was quite common and openly practiced by males, and females. Males do dominate this kink though. It seems that though they don't want to walk a mile in a woman's shoe, they sure do want to worship the feet they slip into them. Some of the foot fetish blogs she had read gave her wonderful ideas on how to service his needs.

On the small table, she laid out things he could find with ease at a local store.

Lotion (his/her favorite scent)

Massage oil

Nail polish

His eyes still stayed fixed to her feet. She had beautiful toes, an arch that made him squirm with anticipation, and soft heels. He wanted to explore his foot fetish in depth with a stranger before taking it home.

Having him to sit in a chair, the body rub model was the one to sit on the table. Unable to touch her, his hands fell to his side as she rested her feet in his lap. A twitch of her finger from side to side let him know not to attempt it.

"Pretty, aren't they?" Her toes were crinkling before she stretched her slender toes out, spreading the digits. He didn't have to respond to her. She already knew that he was finding it hard to contain his growing appreciation for her feet. Placing the soles on his trousers, a shuffle back and forth brought a crimson glow to his cheeks. He was blushing from the stimulation. A first for him, but something he found to be erotic. Not sexual, but erotic.

"I want to teach you about feet. There are more than 7000 nerve endings in each foot. 35 joints, and 28 bones. There is nothing uncommon about the worshiping of something that within the average lifetime will have walked 70 thousand miles. I am sure you can find more in depth information on some foot fetish sites, or better yet, a foot fetish escort."

Enlightening him on his kink. Suddenly it wasn't so bad to find an extreme attraction to these beautiful creations. Inching her way up his chest, the small appendages didn't stop till they rested one on either side of his face. He could smell her foot scent, though neither had touched his nose. It was something that a member of a fetish community had learned to do when you hide your fascination. Your sense elevates to sedate the needs of your fetish.

Leaning back on her elbows, the movements of her arches were as though she was surfing on his face, his head being her board. It's more common than one would think. His groans of approval let her know that he was enjoying the events unfolding in front of him. For the first time, he could sedate the beast that had been burning inside his soul.

Sliding down his chest with one foot, the other remained on his face. A brush of a toe over his lips, she explained that though she wouldn't allow him to suck her toes, he would love it. Think of the toe as a clitoris. The small bundle of nerves that can break a woman down with orgasmic release. The tongue being the most powerful muscle in the human body, it can cause a tidal wave of pleasure. I used my phone at this point to bring up some foot fetish pics for him to view on toe sucking.

Circle each one as though they are an independent being. Sucking the toes into the warmth of the mouth, flicking the tip over the tootsie. Toe sucking is intense and erotic. This is as pleasurable to the woman, as it will be to the one with the foot cravings. He would be her foot bitch by the end of the session.

They hadn't gotten to the massage part yet, but that's where they switch places. Him sitting on the table, and her in the chair. Since he is not allowed to touch, she would simulate what he should do on him. All but the nail painting. That is self-explanatory, or he could spoil the female with pedicures. Every woman loves a foot pampering.

After he removed his shoes and got comfortable, soft hands would rub gently over his feet as they rested in her lap. A quarter sized amount of scented lotion warmed between her hands. It was always better to warm it than to shock the individual. Caressing his soles, her thumbs applied pressure to the arches. It forces the foot to fan the toes, spreading them open for digits to slide between. With that, you can simulate a penetration movement.

"I want to show you one more thing. Foot fucking. We are using a silicone dildo for example."

Drawing her own feet to set sole to sole on the chair, she placed the cock between her arches. His face expressed excitement as he watched, knowing this is what he wanted. "Have her place her heels to your sac, drawing her oiled feet upwards. Each stroke taking it to where the head receives stimulation by the arch. That's what the massage oil can be used for," smiling, she performed the act for him. His eyes were feasting on the show. This was as good as any foot fetish porn that he could find on the internet.

"The goal of this is for you to cum on her toes. Either one of you can suck it off the painted tootsies. Footing is common, and often, your lover will welcome your attention. Any questions?" asking, the woman had only brushed the surface of this fetish. There is so much to learn about the pleasures a foot can provide.

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