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The Origin of the Term: Happy Ending

Think for a moment about the definition of the phrase “Happy ending”. Was the first thing that popped into your head a Disney based fairytale? Could it be something that we all wish to achieve at the end of life. When standing at the edge of the pearly gates, will you have happy ending checked off your bucket list? A lot to ponder, isn’t it? That's not the kind we will be exploring here. Hushed whispers, and dirty little secrets, these come from the darker cravings of the mind. I want you to forget all about that. Let's explore Urban dictionaries definition of a Happy Ending.

Happy ending; When a masseuse feels inclined to finish your session with a manual release (hand job).

The first use of the phrase in the slang form was noted in the Oxford English Dictionary in 1999. Though I am sure this goes back to the beginning of time. Payment for a sexual service is one of the oldest professions still in practice today. Sensual rubbing can bring forth a stress relief that cannot be achieved with a vanilla massage.

Now were getting to the good stuff. An erotic massage with the use of a hand, and or mouth. Body rubs have been around since the beginning of time. Often categorized as something wrong, or even against the written laws of the Bible.

Fun fact: There are 47 bible verses that refer to sexual acts for money. Most, if not all are in a negative form, but it does let us know that even in the first days, Men sought out comfort from others.

Hollywood many times has touched base on this practice. One of the newest show on lifetime is the Client List. The show deals with girls and select massage clients in small town Texas. The HBO series Mind of a Married man dove head first into happy endings. One episode gives a brief synopsis on why Men seek out satisfaction from others. Stress at work, home, and with one’s own self has forced many to seek an alternative form of pleasure. We all deal with the world around us in different ways, and though glamorized, both peek into the lives of those of the verge of change.

Asking the question why a Man goes outside of a relationship for satisfaction is like asking why is the sky blue. Sure, we can give you a technical response to that, but are you listening? Will you understand? Some things in life are not meant to analyzed. They will happen even in the best of circumstances. We as humans love to push boundaries if only to see how far we can go. A little stroke, tug, or suck, between two strangers can be deeply satisfying. When the client does not have to sexually satisfy the other person, the stress of performing is reduced. The masseuse doesn’t care if you cum in 1 minute, or 5, they get paid either way.

Rub Maps, the source of where you can find a little fantasy meets reality massage, is a great location finder. Type in the city and state and let them do the work for you. They offer price, and reviews of some of the best/ and the worst, establishments out there. The Erotic Review (TER) is also a great source that has even more juicy details than Rub Maps.

Let's explore a happy ending. What, how, and even when does this occur. Now first things first, do not ever assume that every spa, massage parlor, and masseuse offers this. That assumption could get you in a little hot water with the girl. Do your homework. Explore Rub Map or TER, listen to word of mouth, and look for signs. Not the ones on the wall, but the subtle clues.

Unless you're looking for a massage only experience, avoid the ones with Hair, Nails, or LMT in the name. Backpage and Rub Maps are an excellent source. When you make the appointment, do they mention "extra tipping in the room?" Bingo. You're on the way to getting a little tug n pull at the end of this session.

Are there video cameras outside the building? No female clients? Are the windows darkened? If you can answer yes to these, you might be on your way to a home run. Will the massage girl get half, or fully nude for the massage session? Once again, if you can say yes to both, you've found a new home for your specific needs. A nude girl massage often is the biggest clue to how much you can tip the female massage therapist.

Quick tip for those using a service they don't want shown on their credit card statement. Cash! Always pay for the service with paper currency. It will save you a headache later. Plus, once you're done who wants a paper trail of your visit? Diamonds might be a girl's best friend, but cash is what works for these ladies.

We're a society of high stress, two job households, and always seeking instant gratification. Why not ask your partner/mate for these sexual favors? Men interviewed in a poll for a recent magazine article stated that life had become boring. Kids, jobs, and exhaustion had killed the sexual relationship. Though they loved each other, the family was a priority now. They didn't want to bother their wife by asking for sex. She always seemed too tired, and it would be an effort. Instead of a divorce, a weekly happy ending hand job saved many marriages.

No matter the location. From NYC to the west coast, even Utah (Utah Body Rubs), the ability to walk into a massage establishment and get a sensual massage is quite doable. It's not something that Hollywood created or even an urban legend. Happy endings are possible if you know what you're asking for. From fetish massage to erotic release, you can, and will find them. Don't walk in like a virgin on prom night. Common sense is the key here. Not everyone does it, but watching for subtle signs can lead to explosive results.

A good source on what to expect is viewing massage porn videos, or search female erotic massage movies. Both of those are an excellent source of information. Learning body rub terms is essential for a productive trip to the erotic massage center. Do your research before making an appointment. It will save you time and embarrassment.

Hollywood has glamorized, and the media has made the oldest profession in the book the center of a lot of conversations. When a woman goes in for a massage, nothing is thought of it. It is the complete opposite for men though. We are sexual creatures by nature, and sexual release has gotten many through a bad day at work. What about women though? Can a female go in and get one as well as a man? It's not as common, and the signs of a female wanting one are subtle, but yes, a woman can also get the relief she needs. Women are less likely to brag about this in the locker room, or over cocktails with the girls though. Sexual gratification is supposed to be emotional for the fairer sex, but guess what? They need it too.

Whether it be a vanilla massage, NURU massage, tantric massage, or a happy ending, the choice is yours. We live in a judgmental society, but one thing most people forget, this life is ours. Enjoy life to the fullest and live with no regrets. The only person who can judge how you live your life is you.

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