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What's it like to meet Sammy?

Model Profile: Sammy

1) Tell us what a session with you is like?

Every client is an individual. I like to tap into your immediate desires and create a session that is fulfilling, fun and void of judgement. I respect a clients' limits, his or her passions and you are sure to remember our time together with a smile

2) Why should a new client come to see you?

You will never forget how I make you feel. Be it an occasional escape, or visiting twice weekly, we can keep on exploring the fantasies you used to keep secret . I enjoy building trust and forming a bond with my clients. Mind, body and spirit connections are the most exhilarating

3) What are your hobbies?

Designing cool stuff, traveling, ju jitsu, occasional modeling and enjoying time with friends and family

4) How long have you been doing body rub?

I have been a body rub artist for shortly over three years. I LOVE what I do. I have heard horror stories from clients who have been to agencies or independent Body Rub providers where they felt rushed, where the girls were inattentive and didn’t look like their pictures, the old bait and switch. I really love working at All American Body Rub because they respect all of us and the clients. You will always see real pics, NO bait and switch and everyone updates their photos frequently. You will be treated like an old friend in a clean, welcoming, comfortable and safe environment. All of the locations are super convenient to public transportation. We also offer outcall if you are within Manhattan at a luxury hotel or doorman building

5) What is your most sensitive body part?

My left nipple

6) What’s your favorite thing about working with females/couples? (If you do)?

Yes! I am a bisexual female and I also love to be a part of the excitement a couple can experience during a sensual bodyrub, exploring their fetishes and such

7) What do you do in your spare time?

I love to jet away on spontaneous vacations, use free time as "creative time" as an artist and train individuals with physical limitations

8) What are your guilty pleasures?

Nipple clamps and peanut butter (not used together just yet)

9) Beer/Wine or something harder?

Champagne and Pinot noir in very limited quantities

10) What is the Sexiest city you have been too?

Any city can be sexy, babe. Every culture has its own way of sensuality

11) What is your Favorite TV show

Black Mirror or Sex and the City reruns (it will never get old, ever)

12) Who do you admire?

Anyone with the confidence to be sexy, the mind to be successful and enough character to be kind

13) Best concert you attended?

That's a touch one. Probably Eric Clapton. I'm not the biggest fan of Motley Crue but their shows kick ass

14) Who are your Favorite artists?

The Eagles, Def Leppard, Ronnie James Dio, Steely Dan, you get the picture

15) What is your Favorite food?

Avocados, peanut butter, and most seafood

16) Mountains or the beach?

Beach bum forever (wear your sunscreen)

17) What's the best gift someone can give you?

Your honesty because it's such a rare find. Then high heels

18) Party girl or homebody?

Safe and quality time, I'm flexible with the venue

19) What’s your perfect date?

Surfing or a jet to Tokyo. Random AF, I know

20) Name a few of your Turn-ons?

Sensuality, an open mind, respect, integrity, intelligence

21) Name a few of your Turn-offs?

Arrogance. Spare me.

Sammy has a few reviews on Rub Maps, click here to read them.

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