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What is an erotic massage like with Laura?

Model Profile: Laura

1) Tell us what a session with you is like?

Get ready for a mind blowing experience from a very attractive woman with wonderful hands that will relax you and take you to a state of bliss. You'll indulge yourself to the most senual erotic body rub. I specialize in Nuru massage, Prostate massage, Strap on play (pegging), and fetishes. So, don’t be shy! Request your add on when you book.

2) Why should a new client come to see you?

When you meet a new person it can be nerve racking. I am Italian-American, friendly, down to earth. I know how to make someone feel comfortable and at ease. If you like uninhibited American girls who can have a nice conversation and explore your deepest desires, then book with me! P.S I am also fetish friendly.

3) What are your hobbies?

Fitness, ice skating, traveling, reading, travel.

4) How long have you been doing body rub?

I have been doing erotic massage for five years. I really like my job. I am a people pleaser. Though I tend to be a little dominant, I make sure you enjoy it. I am also able to switch and be submissive. Giving a memorable one of a kind experience is always my goal.

5) What is your most sensitive body part?


6) What’s your favorite thing about working with females/couples? (If you do)?

I love to give a couples massage and a female massage. That is definitely one of my specialties. Many body rub agencies do not welcome couples and or ladies. That is another reason why All American Body Rub is great. Many couples like to have a fun erotic experience with body rub and it can really strengthen a relationship. The female body is beautiful, I can get into massaging a sexy female as much as I can massaging a hot male. The bottom line is it's exciting when I can give a nude massage to a female or a couple.

7) What do you do in your spare time?

Spend time with family and friends

8) What are your guilty pleasures?

Watching porn lol. Sometimes even massage porn 😉

9) Beer/Wine or something harder?


10) What is the Sexiest city you have been too?

Rio de Janeiro oooh is so sexy and exotic. The people, the sounds, the music, the whole lifestyle is sexy. However, any city can be sexy with the right person.

11) What is your Favorite TV show

Game of Thrones

12) Who do you admire?

My Mom. She's a strong female women with the guts and strength to overcome any obstacles and kick ass. All women who struggle with adversity and still power through like champs.

13) Best concert you attended?


14) Who are your Favorite artists?

Madonna, Michael Jackson...I am an 80’s loving gal! I should have been born earlier lol

15) What is your Favorite food?

French! The sexiest and most decadent food. Nothing better than sitting at a beautiful restaurant and enjoying a fine wine with delicious French cuisine.

16) Mountains or the beach?

The beach, love to catch some waves and bake in the sun. Feeling the warm sand on my back. I Definitely am a beach gal and I cannot WAIT for beach weather!!!

17) What's the best gift someone can give you?

A vacation! I love exploring new cities and places that I have never been. Within the USA, close to home and abroad.

18) Party girl or homebody?

Both! It depends on my mood

19) What’s your perfect date?

Horseback riding on the beach

20) Name a few of your Turn-ons?

Watching whoever I am with as I drive them wild with my magic hands

21) Name a few of your Turn-offs?

Body odor!!! So important to keep clean and smell good. A clean, well-kept man is a big turn-on and one who isn’t is a big turn-off. Please make sure to come to sessions clean and showered and with minty fresh breath and brushed pearly whites!

Laura has a few reviews on Rub Maps, click here to read them.

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