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What is Switter and how do you use it?

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After SESTA/FOSTA became a law, Switter has become an important advertising tool for sex workers who do not want to pay for third-party networks like Eros. When scrolling on Switter, you will notice many of the same providers that congregated from the Backpage days. So, what is it? and how do you use it? Read on to learn more.

What is Switter?

Switter, is a sex worker focused social network with the exact same functions as twitter (tweet, retweet, like, etc.) except it has better privacy modes and a slightly different lay out. Users are made up mostly of providers (escorts/body rub girls) and hobbyists. Providers are only allowed to post three times per day. Hobbyists tend to look at the listings or follow their favorite provider’s toots (like tweets on Twitter). I go straight to the listings and search locations (ex: NYC, New York, NJ) and keywords that are of interest (ex: fetish, Nuru Massage, etc.). If you do not type in al location to the search bar, it will show ads from all over the country.

Why did it come about?

Large social networks like Facebook and Twitter began censoring some of its users and in some cases kicking them off. This led to growth from an alternative, Mastodon, a decentralized twitter-like social platform that offers better tools for privacy and fighting harassment. Further, many sex workers fled to Switter just in case they get kicked off twitter (Not all though, we still use twitter a lot: @allamericanbod1). To this day, 2021, we still have not been kicked off twitter (knock on wood).

How was Switter created?

Switter is a node in the Mastodon network that was created by a company called AssemblyFour. They are a four-person team based in Melbourne, Australia. Switter servers are located in Australia, where Prostitution is legal. Further, the site is not likely to run into legal trouble (though anything is possible). AssemblyFour also created an independent escort directory called Tryst. Once I learn more about Tryst, I will mention info in a later blog.

Switter vs. Twitter?

“Toots” are the same as Tweets. When you “boost” someone’s “toots”, you are basically retweeting their tweet. If you click the Star button, you are “favouriting” a “toot” or liking someone’s tweets.




How do you navigate Switter?

If you want to cut the BS and just look at posts, you must first sign up and then click “want listings?” on Switter) and you will go right to all the latest listings. The listings are International, so you need to start at the search bar. Then, search by geographic area to find providers who are currently available nearby your location. For example, if you type in "NYC" you can find most of the girl’s listings that are in NYC. The annoying part is when a girl that is not in NYC, writes "NYC" just so she gets exposure. Also, beware of scammers who ask you to send them money first (red flag).

If you want to learn how to properly navigate Switter than this will explain it. Look at the picture after reading this. Switter is split up into four separate columns. In the first column, you can create toots or click “Want listings?” to go right to the sex worker listings. You can also search the entire Switter network by typing keywords in the search bar. I suggest putting hashtags before your keyword. If you click profile, it will show you your latest toots in the fourth column. If you click edit, you can edit your profile and pictures.

The second column to the right is the home column. That shows toots and boosts from anyone you follow. The third column to the right is the notification column. The notification column shows users that followed you or boosted/favourited your toots. If you want to look at someone’s profile, you click the username and it will show in the fourth column. If you click the three lines below the profile (it’s circled in the picture), you can direct message that user. You can also navigate the fourth column by clicking “toots”, “toots and replies”, or “media”.

How do you post an ad on Switter?

When posting an ad on switter you just write a toot and include "#swlisting" to the text. Each ad is limited to 500 characters, four pictures, and you can only post three times per day. Also make sure to put your geographic location in hashtags. For example, if you are an Erotic Massage girl in NYC, your posting should have: #NYC #NewYorkCity #eroticmassage, #bodyrub,, #nurumassage, Etc. Keep in mind to put hashtags that are commonly searched and relate to your ad. If you see competitors do not be threatened, the switter community is friendly and everyone boosts/favourites each other. It is best to create a template, then just copy and paste that template and switch the date, keywords, and names of providers.

Final Thoughts

Switter might look complicated, however, it is useful to find escorts or body rub girls in the city you live. In addition, it has become widely used to the point that it is worth checking out. I would suggest at least signing up so that you can look at the listings.

Also, if you want to read more on Switter, I found this guide when looking through Reddit.

How to use Switter

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