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How To Touch A Woman The Right Way

How to touch a woman NYC

When it comes to erotic engagement, we tend to head straight for the genitals. Yes, sex is an amazing and unparalleled experience. But we have other tools lying around our erotic arsenal, and they don’t seem to be employed enough.

As kids, we were told to use our words. As adults, we’d be better instructed to use our hands. Or fingers, to be more exact. The level of precision we get with those little digests far surpass what you’d be able to deliver by way of a penis, or tongue. Still, the female form can be a confusing map to navigate. So we’ve put together a friendly little guide for those who need a little more instruction. Listed below a few insights into how to rub a woman the right way.

1. Hit The Clit

As you may have heard, women have a few different points of pleasure hanging around their nether regions. Though the majority of them seem to gravitate towards the clitoris, the nub located towards the top of the vulva, where the inner labia meet. This area is loaded with over 8,000 sensitive nerve endings. That’s double the amount in the glans of a penis. The clitoris is composed of erectile tissue and swells when aroused, so if you’re worried about finding your mark, do yourself a favor and make sure to turn her on beforehand. Some women can get off with a gentle touch; others like to put more pressure on the area. The easiest way to figure out what your partner likes is to ask, and comply.

2. Go Deep

You’re probably familiar with the G-spot by now. The area, named after Ernst Gräfenberg, the German-born physician who brought us the IUD (intrauterine device), is located a few inches inside of the vagina, towards the front wall. The easiest way to find it is to insert a finger – or two – into the vagina and curve your hands towards her navel, as if performing a “come hither” motion. The area should feel slightly wrinkly, or puckered. If you hit a spot that feels slightly different from the surrounding soft tissue, you’ve probably found your mark. Though some say the G-spot is actually an extension of the clitoris, the orgasm it inspires is often considered more intense than that which can be derived from its external counterpart. Too add to incentive, G-spot stimulation is seems to be the best way to get her to squirt.

3. Go Deeper

We told you women had a lot of different orgasmic spots hanging in and around the vagina. While the clitoris and the G-spot get the most hype, other erogenous areas can be found even further inside a woman’s body. The cervix is located deep inside the vagina. Because this area is loaded with nerve endings, it can be pleasurable when stimulated. Some have gone so far as to dub the area “the C-spot.”

4. Combo Deal

It’s been said that one orgasm can inspire another. Because the G-spot and clitoris stem from the same tissue, stimulating them at the same time can result in an even more explosive orgasm than these areas can deliver independently. This move will most likely require two hands. One can slip inside her vagina and rub against the G-spot. The other can fall on the clit. Someone prefer one finger, some prefer you devote your whole hand to the area. It varies.

5. Reach Around

Though men can achieve enormous satisfaction through anal stimulation, this area provides a unique path to orgasm for women. The anus shares a wall with the vagina, which means all those orgasmic points – like the G-spot – can be indirectly stimulated by way of the butt. Of course, the anus itself is loaded with nerve endings, which can be pleasurable enough all on its own. Try massaging the outer part of the anus while stimulating her other erogenous areas. It’s going to help increase your chances of getting her off.

6. Embrace The Buzz

Delivering a female erotic massage requires a good deal of manual technique. But don’t feel like you have to master every move. Consider bringing some accessories into the bedroom. Vibrators are able to deliver sensations the human hand is simply not capable of imitating. They can typically help jump start the orgasmic experience.

7. Don’t Forget About The Rest

While there are certain moves that tend to result in orgasm, it’s important to pay attention to nuance. Try giving some attention to other areas around the vulva. The labia are extremely sensitive to touch, and some women find this kind of secondary stimulation even more pleasurable than going in for a direct approach. You can also head further north. Brain imaging technologies have shown that nipple stimulation activates the same areas of the brain as stimulation of the clitoris and vagina. The point is, different women appreciate attention in different areas of their bodies. Try not to get too focused on one area.

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