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Why should you session with Martina?

Model Profile: Martina

Tell us what a session with you is like?

A session with me typically starts out with a sensual deep tissue massage and then kinky intense teasing before a release.

Why should a new client come to see you?

I enjoy making each session slightly different from the previous one. You’ll will always leave feeling refreshed and at ease.

What Do you wear in a session? Give the men something to think about :)

A tight little crop top and cheeky lace underwear that outlines my perky ass perfectly.

Do you do fetish play? If so what are your favorite fetishes and why?

I am highly experienced in fetish play. I enjoy roleplay, foot fetish, and light corporal punishment. Every session includes hot and fun teasing.

How long have you been doing body rub?

I’ve been doing body rub for over a year now.

Have you worked in other areas of the adult industry? If so, what did you like or dislike?

I’ve worked as a Dominatrix in a dungeon and absolutely love the opportunity to be as creative as possible with fetish play in each session.

What is your most sensitive body part?


What’s your favorite thing about working with females/couples? (If you do)?

I would consider trying it. I have experience in couples Domme/Sub sessions.

Have you done erotic massage with another female? If so, tell us about your experience?

Erotic massage with another female begins with me getting her as comfortable and relaxed as possible. I love to incorporate light bondage and a finish with a vibrator.

What do you do in your spare time?

Go out with my girlfriends for a drink.

What are your guilty pleasures?

Pinot Grigio White Wine, girl on girl porn, pineapple on pizza

Beer/Wine or something harder?

I’m a vodka/club soda kind of girl, but I do love my wine. White Wine (sweet) and Johnny Walker Black Label

What is your favorite city you visited, and why?

Los Angeles, California. Hot babes on the beach, great food, and music.

What’s your favorite TV show?

Stranger Things

Who do you admire?

I admire Cardi B

Best concert you attended?

Flogging Molly Concert

Favorite musical artists?

The Doors, AC/DC, Bob Marley

Favorite food?

Thai food

Describe your perfect vacation?

Anywhere by the ocean on the beach, topless with a cheeky bikini bottom and a fresh coconut in hand

What’s the best gift someone can give you?

Victoria Secret gift card, leather boots, white wine

Party girl or homebody?


Best date scenario?

Lunch on a sunny afternoon in the East Village, sipping on Mimosas or Matcha Lattes

Name a few of your Turn-ons?

Respect, consent

Name a few of your Turn-offs?

Disrespect, aggression, entitlement

Quotes from TER Reviews of Martina

Martina has a few great reviews on TER and Rubmaps. Here is an excerpt from a TER review "Martina is a looker. Her pictures are hot and she is every bit as hot in person. Her face is super cute, too. (I've noticed massage providers get rated a bit more stringently than FS so I would say she is a 10)" .

Here is another quote from The Erotic Review on Martina: "The first thing you'll notice is that Martina has a gorgeous face. Its too bad you can't see it in her pics. Her body is perky and hot. She works out and it shows. But most importantly, she's really laid back and super cool. No pretensions at all. We spoke for a few minutes about what I was looking for and she made me feel completely comfortable. I had some light fetish requests and she was happy to oblige. Like a true pro she also gave me some options (with dirty talk or without, etc). When it comes to working the area Martina is very skilled. She has a really soft, light touch to start things off and then gets more and more energetic as it goes along. Amazing service, super cool attitude, and beautiful. Overall a great experience"

In terms of internal reviews, many clients rave about fetish sessions with Martina. She is open to most fetishes, so don't be shy! She typically works on Tuesday and Thursday; however, make sure to check the schedule.

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