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Learn more about our new girl: Courtney

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Model Profile: Courtney

Tell us what a session with you is like?

Soft, sweet, sensual and soothing with a dash of kink (I hope)

Why should a new client come to see you?

I am an articulate, intelligent American Gal. I’m a trained psychotherapist and sexological bodyworker but I prefer this because I'm a bad girl who likes to get naked. I will use both mind and body to seduce, tease and exhilarate your body and soul. I have been told I have the face of an angel and a body for sin, I’ll take that lol. Clients love my calming sexy voice and big expressive brown eyes. I’ve been told I am a modern day Marilyn Monroe.

What are your hobbies?

I like to express myself through creativity. I enjoy Singing, writing, and sexy modeling.

How long have you been doing body rub?

Two years and I LOVE it!

What is your most sensitive body part?

Bellybutton! You better not touch it.

What’s your favorite thing about working with females/couples? (If you do)?

For me, working with couples is a juicy opportunity to practice power play. I can train you to dominate your lady or you can both make me your pet :-) I tend to naturally lean toward submissiveness but I love to safely play all roles, I love giving Couples massages and giving female massages. I have worked with first timers who always wanted to explore and those experienced in swinging BDSM and erotica.

What do you do in your spare time?

Keeping fit is very important to me. I excersise regularly and practice yoga. I am extremely strong and flexible. You can see for yourself when you book an appt with me.

What are your guilty pleasures?

Pop music. Cliche roleplay scenarios.

Beer/Wine or something harder?

Something harder.

What’s the sexiest city?

New York of course!!!

Who do you admire?

All the other sexy girls. A sexy strong girl will always turn my head. I think females should be more open and admiring of each other. There is too much competitiveness and jealousy. There is a lot of room for beauty, passion, exploration. And admiration.

Best concert you attended?


Favorite musical artists?

Kanye, Lana Del Rey, Solange, the Velvet Underground, Thom York, Kurt Vile, the Shirelles, Prince.

Favorite food?

Ice cream. (But I’m vegan, so I just rub it all over my body) or maybe you can rub it all over my body? We will have to figure out how to get it off though, hmm. You might have to lick it off or wash it off of me. The possibilities are endless.

The mountains or the beach?


What’s the best gift someone can give you?

Spa day and lingerie

Party girl or homebody?


Have you tried a Nuru Massage yet?

It is a sexy Japanese massage also known as “ the body glide”. We use original nuru gel lightly heated on a nuru mattress. I will gently pour the nuru gel on you like my personal pancake. It is super slippery and as it covers your skin your senses will awakened and I will massage you with my ENTIRE body not just my hands. Intimate, tantalizing and sure to make you have an unforgettable experience. It is sooooo good.

Name a few of your Turn-ons?

blue jeans, ties, being spanked, when you talk dirty to me. Strong confident men. Men who know how to discipline a naughty girl with expert hands while respecting limits. Tell me your fantasies while you Spank my rock hard ass and tell me why I am a bad girl. Whisper your fantasies in my ear as you hold me close.

Name a few of your Turn-offs?

Indirect communication. I get so hot when you tell me exactly what you want. I like a man who knows how to be respectful but direct. A guy who tells me how he likes to be rubbed and what he likes. Assertive, clean, confident men are a huge turn on. Unkempt, unclean men are a turn off. Please come to your session clean with fresh minty breath band I will never disappoint.

Courtney needs TER reviews, so get to it gentleman!

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