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Don't want to buy a hotel room? Public Sex Guide to NYC

Has there ever been a time in life where you just couldn’t wait? Your dick was hard, she was nipping at your ear, and if you didn’t get off or you might die from blue balls? Don’t fret. Though it might be awkward, or morally wrong, there is always a way to get off. The city that never sleeps has seen it all, so buckle up and don’t be shocked when you hear some of the hottest spots for public sex.

A quick run to the bank can lead to explosive results. NYC has many ATM Vestibules, and though you will get videotaped by the bank camera, it’s not on the streets. Not the most private of places, but in a pinch, the deposit you make could be huge.

Sex in a taxi goes back years, but how about an Uber? You might get tossed out on the side of the road and blackballed, but if your quick, and clean, the driver might end up videotaping the show for you. Live sex is a voyeur’s dream.

Two quite dangerous places are Time Square and The Subway. One you need to be quick, and the other, you might need a shower to wash off the stench of the train. Both are quite common for a quickie though. The art display in the middle of time square has seen more ass than a Proctologist, and the subway, well that all depends on the time of night you take that pleasurable ride. If the walls of the city could only talk, they would paint a picture of lust, greed, and sinful pleasures.

Though there are a vast number of churches in the NYC area, I won’t say if I approve of this place, but there is a sickness inside of me that finds this sort of this very enticing. They say God forgives all, but if you use the confessional, he might toss a lightning strike or two at you.

That after the dark stroll through Central Park brings out the freaks of the city. One of the most common public places to have sex, just know you won’t be alone. Word of mouth has it that this is the go-to place for a cheap thrill, and a quick pump n dump. Just stay aware of your surroundings, or you might have to unwillingly share with a stranger. Common sense is the key here.

If all else fails, and you just can’t find the perfect place, the public restroom is notorious for seeing more sex than a cheap motel on payday. Don’t be shocked if you’re sitting in the closed stall and the sounds from the next one over resemble that of a b rated porn.

Believe it or not, one of the best places to get that freak on is the Metropolitan Museum of Art. If you find yourself walking through and those statues or painting have you hot, a quick trip to the bathroom can cure that. You will have to bring a partner though. That, or enjoy some Man to hand masturbation. The handicapped stalls offer the most amount of room but can get you in trouble if you prevent someone who’s in real need of relieving themselves.

Can’t afford to take a cruise this year? The Staten Island Ferry might be one of the best options. Not only do you get the rocking of the boat, but the bathrooms are spacious and a good place for the afternoon delight. Beware of this one though. If you happen to be prone to sea sickness, it could make for a gut-churning explosion. A little Dramamine before the trip could help ease the motion of the ocean. Also, if you’re sensitive to odors, you might want to stay back on land. Nothing is a bigger turn-off then the scent of vomit while you’re trying to catch that nut.

Last, but not least is Bryant Park on 42nd (Midtown East NYC). Clean, spacious, and it has a reputation as being one to the best bathrooms in the city to get a little nasty in. One of the best features is a changing table made of marble. You know that’s sturdy enough to hold someone for those adventurous souls out there. Make sure to wipe it down when done. Keep America beautiful, clean up your spunk when done.

When all else fails, and you’re just not the kind of guy or girl who enjoys the public scene, rub maps does give you a list of the many erotic massage spots in NYC and the surround areas. Clean, discrete, and always a sure thing, that happy ending could be just what you needed to complete a busy day in the city. NURU Massage, Tantric Massage, Sensual body rub, and so much more, there is nothing like that upscale body rub (nude massage) to tuck you in for the night.

Moral of the story here is that if you want it, everything in life is obtainable. You don’t have to rent a room, use a car, or rush home. The city that never sleeps has some of the best spots for your dirty little secrets. Keep your eyes open, and I bet you can add to this list with places with your own adventures. Life is meant to be lived. Don’t sell yourself short. Get out there and get off. You just might be someone’s wet dream tonight.

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