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Fetish Queen Marley begins this week

Marley is new to All American Body Rub!

Marley, one of our new body rub models, had her first day yesterday (Saturday 2/4/17).

She is a dog lover her favorite being large breeds. She is a part time dog sitter and finds being around them therapeutic and good exercise. She is very adventurous and loves new experiences. Marley is good with her hands as she has a passion for art and cooking. The fast-paced world of culinary and the creativity that comes along intrigues her.

Marley began as a dominatrix at one of the respected/upscale dungeons in NYC. She is naturally dominant and started out in the lifestyle at age 16. She began with foot fetish as one of guy friends offered to buy her socks. Then he started buying her panties. From there it escalated to him cleaning her apartment, doing her homework, and paying for dates with other guys.

When she turned 20, she joined an upscale dungeon in NYC. She was trained there and still does fetish sessions. Please note, Marley is accepting personal slave applications ;). She generally enjoys fetish sessions and has lots of fun. Fetish sessions to her are not considered work. Her favorite fetishes are: Pegging (strap-on), humiliation, cross-dressing, femdom, foot fetish, and ass worship. Marley also gives a great prostate massage.

Favorite lingerie: Body Stockings

Favorite movie: Best in Show

Favorite quote: “The past is behind, learn from it. The future is ahead, prepare for it. The present is here, live it.” ― Thomas S. Monson

#Fetish #Strapon #ProstateMassage #Assworship #Humiliation #bodyrubs

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