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Welcome to the VIP experience

All American Body Rub has some exciting surprises for you in!! won't know about them unless you subscribe to our mailing you haven't...what are you waiting for? Do it NOW! Be sure to add to your contacts or else we may end up in your Spam folder and that would make us very sad.

We are determined to GIVE YOU the most pleasurable year to date while staying your favorite Body rub studio in NYC!

Why are we your favorite?

We bring you real American girls that are smart, beautiful, and most importantly fantastic (not plastic). All of our models are experienced in body rub, nuru massage, fetish, and bdsm.

Why were we started?

We knew you were tired of:

The Asian spas with the mean old lady that pats you down looking for wires, YIKES

The distant "hot" girls that stare in the mirror the entire session and are not really "there"

The girls that can't understand a word of English and make you want to put your clothes on and leave

PHEW .. thankfully

Our models are the "girl next door" type: friendly, erotic, sensual, and client-focused with a treat you like a king mentality.

Why we started a VIP program and how do you become a member?

SO, Thanks to the best girls in the business and THE BEST clients in the industry....that would be YOU! We have started our exciting VIP program! We want our best clients to continue feeling as they deserve to be treated. We also want you to engage with us more so we can continue to improve. Therefore, keep us on our toes and we will keep you on your back ... i mean coming back ;)

To become a member you must satisfy one of the three following requirements:

1. Write one TER review on behalf of the agency (positive, negative, or neutral)

2. Three appointments per month for the past two months

3. Five appointments over the past month

To receive the member benefits sheet, you must be a previous client and submit your data in our "VIP member" tab.

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